Environmental Emergencies

D&K's expertise covers all aspects of environmental emergencies (from prevention to regulatory compliance, preparedness and response to remediation and recovery) based on experience gained throughout Canada and around the world.

D&K provides emergency preparedness and response services in the following areas:

  • Design and development of environmental emergency contingency plans for both land-based and marine spills
  • Design, development, delivery and reporting on exercises to test contingency plans including table top and full scale operational exercises
  • Emergency preparedness and response training
  • On-scene coordination, technical advice and public relations
  • Assessment of available cleanup technologies
  • Identification of acceptable disposal methods for cleanup debris
  • Reviewing conformity with applicable regulatory requirements, including the Canadian federal Environmental Emergency (E2) Regulations
  • Contingency planning, response coordination, cleanup direction in emergency situations, both nationally and internationally
Workers standing on a bridge overlooking a water way outside of a building

Management of oil spill field exercises

Training field personnel in emergency response procedures, Bermuda